Life is full of curve balls

    What are you choosing to do with those headed in your direction?

    What would you like to happen?

    My understanding, knowledge and experiences are vast. I use what is most appropriate, fitting and desirable for each situation for best outcomes.

    Your situation + My experience and understanding
    = The opportunity to be in some far better places

    If you would like to be more comfortable in your space then I would be happy to accompany you.

    I have found this wonderful place where miracles intermingle with reality. I welcome you to join me to find solutions and direction to meet your greatest desires.

Krista Umgelter
Nutritionist NC - Holistic Health Practitioner HHP
Hydro Colon Therapist (non-practicing)
Interactive Guided Imagery - Hypnotherapist - Focusing
Art Therapy - Intuitive - Empathe - Psychometry
Dream Work - Shamanic Native Practices - Constellations

Kids - Adults - Groups - Animals - Property